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Robert Walter Charles White, 66, Pastor @ Broomhill Community Church, Glasgow

Homepage: whiterwc.co.uk
Nickname: Bob, Country: United Kingdom, E-mail: rwhite6401 (at) aol.com, Language: English
I offer: Scotland, South Africa, Malawi, Swaziland, Bob White, Construction, Director of Ecrad Zioya Orphan Centre, Director of Development Worldwide, author of Tyken and A Place of Promises
Robert Walter Charles White @ Broomhill Community Church, Glasgow

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Robert Walter Charles White @ Glasgow
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Synopsis Tyken / Brogan’s Treasure 140,000 words Tyken is an epic fantasy adventure written over two books and spanning more than twenty years. The hero of our story is a Trossil named Tyken from the land of Truss. He stands three feet tall and has the look of a human child except for his long pointed nose and ears. All Trossils have the ability to change into animals, in Tyken’s case it’s a bear, but usually it’s a much more docile creature like a rabbit or a bird. There are no seasons in Truss and day and night are governed by a crystal called the Dawnstone. The crystal was stolen forcing the reluctant Tyken into the Land of Ness in search of a great wizard called Paganet. With the wizards help they discover that the people of Lland, a savage nation who populate a country of earthquakes and erupting volcanoes, have stolen the Dawnstone and discovered a way to turn its great power into a weapon. Paganet enlists the help of two very tall men from Drover a country that lies between Truss and Lland, men so tall that Trossils, and Tyken in particular, consider them fearful giants. The four unlikely allies set off on an adventure that results in the army of Lland invading Drover with a vast force, greater than the Drover and Trossil armies combined. The day was saved by Tyken who managed to turn the power of the Lland weapon back upon them killing their self-appointed king and wiping out almost the entire Lland Army. Book two picks up the story twenty years later when men from Lland are found searching in Drover for Brogan’s lost treasure, a treasure that went missing during the their ill-fated invasion of Drover twenty years before. Paganet is again called and it is soon discovered that the lost treasure consists of more than just gold and silver. Hidden inside a specially constructed box is a small black crystal that if exposed to light has the power to destroy armies. During their search for Brogan’s treasure a new enemy appears on the scene. The Grangga, they are a huge nation previously unknown to the Drovers or Trossils. They are cannibalistic barbarians who on discovering the existence of other people set out to destroy them. In the process the last remnant of the Lland are wiped out. The Grangga can field an army of ten million men, men who are without pity or fear. They fight without concern for their own losses, so despite a valiant effort by the combined Drover and Trossil armies Drover falls to the might of the Grangga within a few weeks. The story ends on the banks of the river that separates Truss from Drover. But once again using the power of the Dawnstone, Tyken and Tron Row save the day and bring an end to the Grangga.
Robert Walter Charles White @ Glasgow
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Author of “Tyken” a fantasy novel of 150000 words that is presently being prepaired for publication I am also published in magazines, newspapers and a number of websites. Brogan. part two of Tyken
Robert Walter Charles White @ Glasgow
yasni 2011-10-19  +  

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Robert Walter Charles White @ Broomhill Community Church, Glasgow

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